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With 4.8 billion in revenue, according to Forbes, it is no wonder many travelers are turning to AIRBNB when booking for a place to stay. AIRBNB gives property / home owners the ability to create unique spaces for their guests. These have been known to include castles, igloos, teepees to large estates that can be booked by a whole family. This magical retreat found in Topanga, California is no different and this place is definitely worth a visit!

Topanga, California isn't necessarily a city that most recognize by name. However, nestled in the Santa Monica mountains with only 20-30 minutes max driving to its neighboring premium cities such as Venice Beach, Beverly Hills and Malibu you would think it would be a top tourist spot. Its perfectly tucked away in the high hills surrounded of lush forest land. You'll find yourself driving quite a ways out from the 101 freeway or Pacific Coast Highway, but it is totally worth it.

When you first receive instructions from on how to arrive, it'll probably catch your eye that the host referencea the location as "Somewhere Else". Located on a large property that also includes four large estate homes and a set of neighboring wagons you'll see exactly why this place holds its name. It's truly like something out of a fairytale and you instantly feel that you are transported "Somewhere Else".

Out of the seven listed accomodations that this property holds the Gypsy Wagon is the most economic at $151 a night. Once you park in the designated area of the grounds and you make your way to your new home for the night you are automatically greeted by a bright and enormous chandelier hanging out of a large forest tree. Its the first hint that you are in for quite an experience.

As you enter the Gypsy Wagon the aesthetic and detail to the preservation of the original style of Romani gypsies is just mind blowing. The carriage was built completely out of wood and used in some of the wall mouldings inside. Everything from the styling of the velvet curtains, Marshall speakers, China tea sets, all found inside give it such a special touch.

However, the outdoors is just as special. The common grounds includes other neighboring wagons nearby, which is nice if you're into making friends, but still remains a quite and peaceful spot if you're not. There are lots of areas setup for lounging which is so relaxing as you can take this time to catch up on a good read, sip some tea and listen in on the nature sounds found in the woods nearby.

Because you're surrounded by hundred year old oak trees, forest wild life and elevated hills its perfect for some outdoor adventuring as well. This makes for family, kid-friendly atmosphere. There's plenty of different trails to explore, walk, hike and even ride bikes as you occassionally run into furry friends strolling by. The surrounding areas is known to have sightseeing of coyotes, deer and wild rabbits. These are so much fun to watch if you spy one. And no worries, they don't get too close and wander off as soon as they see you.

As the day ends and you are ready to wrap up your day of exploring, its ready for some outdoor bath time! Situated right behind the Gypsy Wagon, the owners of the property have installed a full bathroom for use so you don't miss one second to indulge in nature.

Equipped with a large functioning bathtub, you are provided with all the essentials including shampoo, body wash and bubble bath potion. Lay back in boiling hot water and let your body relax as the sweet music of birds chirping play in the background.

If you're not up for the full use of the restroom you have the option to close down the curtains or use the Grand Hall which is located in the common grounds. This large black building has two indoor functioning restrooms and it just another addition to the uniqueness of this stay.

There's a lot of unique wooden furniture pieces found inside the Grand Hall. You'll probably spend some time looking around. An interesting checkers table can be found as well to enjoy!

When its finally the evening time, you'll most likely rush back into the Gypsy Wagon and be excited to rest in order to enjoy it all again the next day. Because California weather is perfect year-round, you could even prop the windows open within inside the carriage to let some fresh mountain air in and sleep to the blissful sounds of the forest. We hope this review was most helpful and you are ready to chanel your inner nomad at this secret hideaway in Topanga Canyon.

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