Mexico's Tequila Country: Where to Eat, Play and Stay

Updated: Aug 15

The enchanting country of Mexico has always been popular among tourists for its beach cities, but many overlook the history, culture and adventure that can be found inland in magical towns such as Guadalajara and Tequila in the state of Jalisco. Well liked among young crowds, and families alike, this article details our recommendations of where to eat, play and stay in the region.

Arrival begins at the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport located in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is the second largest airport in Mexico and located south of its city center. Home of the world famous mariachi bands, agave Tequila plant, numerous famed Mexican dishes, Miss Universe winners and attractive telenovela superstars you are immediately captivated by the warm hospitality of its people as you make your way through its bustling airport.

Located in the downtown historic district of Guadalajara, an overnight stay at Hotel De Mendoza is among the most privileged locations you can stay at. It is at walking distance from Guadalajara Cathedral, Degollado Theatre, Plaza de los Mariachis and the popular San Juan de Dios market. Hotel De Mendoza sits right next to the Temple of Santa Maria de Gracia. Originally built in during the Sixteenth Century, the building served at a girl's school adjacent of the temple and was occupied by nuns. Since then, it was served for several other purposes related to the Covenant of Santa Maria Gracia then remained closed for almost a century until the hotel was formally built which conserved and restored many of its original design from the temple next door.

The colonial architecture within the hotel makes for a unique atmosphere. Enjoy their restaurant on the first floor with a traditional menu, grab take-out to enjoy on the top floor as you overlook the great landscape of the city or take a dip in their pool in which they have decorated with high palm trees, lots of lush gardens and giving you all the aesthetic tropical vibes.

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Once you're all checked-in and amazed at the lovely place that Hotel de Mendoza is, you will most likely be in search for the best eats in the area. Lucky for you, you'll be in the center of it all!

Guadalajara is home of many Mexican dishes you are probably familiar with such as the torta ahogada, Palomas, carne en su jugo, pozole rojo and birria just to name a few. Some local favorites include Carne Garibaldi which has been around for years and has become the traditional spot to grab a bite in the city for tourists and locals alike. This two story restaurant also have several mariachi bands on site for an authentic experience as you dine on their lovely patios. Take a peek and browse at their extended menu choices by clicking here!

After 24 hours of exploring the lovely city of Guadalajara and its historic downtown area, a trip to the region just isn't complete without taking a full day excursion to its neighboring town of Tequila. Located only an hour away, you'll want to learn about the trademark town that is the only place in the world where agave plants are breed to make the Tequila alcoholic drink. Your hotel or any information center located in the historic district will be able to guide you through many excursion options that take you to the magical town. However, the ultimate transportation experience is through the Jose Cuervo Express.

The Jose Cuervo Express is the ultimate party train! The fun begins once you board as you are greeted by one of the friendly hosts. The one hour train ride includes tequila tasting, a guide explaining history behind the Jose Cuervo brand and fun drinking games with all the passengers aboard. Mariachi bands will board along with you to perform songs to make it a fun-filled experience meanwhile you arrive to your destination.

The Jose Cuervo Express train ride is one of those experiences that are a must when visiting Tequila, Mexico. The vintage 1920's themed coach is elegantly decorated throughout and sitting next to one of their windows as you overlook the beautiful green scenery of the agave fields is the best way to celebrate a magical day ahead.

The journey ends when you arrive to the vibrant distilery La Rojena in Tequila, Jalisco. This is distilery that produces Jose Cuervo brand Tequila, and if you are only able to make it to one, this one would be first and best choice for a visit. It is the oldest in the Americas and has produced for over 250 years. The Mundo Cuervo experience includes beautiful hacienda styled facilities, and depending on what type of tour you purchase or if you decide to go on our own account, there are different things you can checkout during your visit there. The different activities offered here include educational tastings in their luxurious rooms, tour of the agave fields with jima demostration, a souvenier shop and the margarita bar.

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Included in the Mundo Cuervo experience is The Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center. It is found within their building showcasing artwork, exhibitions and display pieces related to the magic and stories of the region bringing out the true Mexican pride. Get more information on this beautiful museum and tickets by clicking here!

Within small walking distance, the town also offers great eateries and bars nearby to enjoy. The main plaza also houses its historic cathedral. Though small in size compared to most city Catholic cathedrals, it still remains a meaningful building to the town as it dates back to the 16th Century. Other great distilieries worth checking out have also been listed below. Each one of these offer their own tours of their facilities, tastings, shops where you can purchase bottles pertaining to their reserve and are available for weddings / small family events in their beautiful spaces.

  1. Casa Sauza

  2. Hacienda Herradura

  3. Tequila Tres Mujeres

If you're looking for a comfy place to stay closeby, while still maintaining the small town charm, we suggest Casa Tahona. This AIRBNB is located right in the center plaza is a colonial style lavender building that houses several small guest rooms making it pretty peaceful and private. This beautiful home includes a a shared kitchen, living room, restrooms and enjoyable large patio where many use aesthetic hacienda style decor for great photography opportunity.

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Looking for some additional adventure in the region? Casa Tahona also houses horseback riding excursions available through AIRBNB experiences. The one or two hour journey that allows up to 8 guests at one given time by the tour guide begins at Casa Tahona. From there, you travel uphill to a nearby mountain where you are able to view the town of Tequila from up high.

The horseback riding experience is especially relaxing. The horses carefully carry you on their backs through several viewpoints throughout the beautiful cobblestoned streets and colorful colonial buildings. When you finally arrive to the top of the mountain you'll see vast field of the blue agave fields. Mostly owned by the Jose Cuervo brand distilery, its quite an amazing sight to see!

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